The 4th installment of the popular Black Love Experience is just 2.5 months away and the team couldn't be more excited! Thinking back to our first meeting during the summer, it's crazy that time has fast forwarded to this point where details are being finalized and tickets are flying off the web. The last three years of the Black Love Experience have been nothing short of amazing, but BLE 2017 promises to be particularly special for 3 main reasons.

anacostia arts center black love experience

1. We’ve outgrown our space.

Last year's event was sold out and we knew that we would have to heighten the experience for BLE 2017. We've grown to include the Anacostia Arts Center, the Honfleur Gallery two doors down and the Hive 2.0 that sits below the Arts Center. Even now, we're thinking of ways to ensure BLE 2017 can accommodate as many people as possible. Quite frankly, everyone deserves Black Love and we're here to make that happen!


black love experience crew love

2. The team is buzzing with creative energy. 

Reflecting the growth and feedback we are getting from our community, the BLE team has also grown. Most of the core members from the previous years have returned again (the team bond is just too irresistible), but we've also added new members drawn in by the vibe and the opportunity to be part of something amazing. We've had so much fun working together to come up with the concepts for BLE 2017 and we're sure that will be evident in the final product.

black love

3. We NEED this. 

Finally, BLE 2017 is particularly special because, now, more than ever, it's an essential event for our community. With the divisiveness of the 2016 political campaign and the impassioned feelings following the results of the presidential elections, America needs a whole lot of love right now. BLE 2017 falls just one month after inauguration. It's important for the Black community, and all those who support the Black community, to come together to celebrate  art, love and creativity.
BLE 2017 is special because it's going to be even more of the energy we've grown to love from the event, but also because it is so needed right now. The Black Love Experience is about coming together to share and celebrate our uniqueness and creativity while learning how to love and appreciate each other and ourselves. It's exactly what our community and America needs right now.